What is HotelSlash? Learn how to save on hotel stays

If you need to book a hotel stay — or have already booked one that you can cancel without paying a fee — the HotelSlash website might help you save money.

If HotelSlash sounds a bit like AutoSlash, it’s because HotelSlash was created by the same team that started AutoSlash. So, here’s what you need to know about saving money on hotel stays with HotelSlash.

What is HotelSlash?

The HotelSlash website is designed to help you pay less for hotel stays. HotelSlash can help travelers save money in two primary ways: quotes for new stays and price tracking.

The quote option lets you fill out a short form and then emails you a link to an online listing of hotel rates you might want to book. The price tracking option lets HotelSlash notify you if it finds a lower rate for a stay you’ve already booked but could still cancel without fees.

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Beach villa at the Hilton Maldives Amingiri Resort & Spa in the Maldives. KATIE GENTER/THE POINTS GUY

How much does HotelSlash cost?

A HotelSlash membership costs $29.95 per year, but you can enjoy a free trial before you even need to enter any payment information.

I signed up for a free lifetime membership when HotelSlash launched in 2023, and the company offered another free membership in early 2024. So, watch to see if this type of promotion is offered again.

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How to use HotelSlash to get a quote for a hotel stay

One of the primary HotelSlash features is getting quotes for hotel stays. Once logged in to your account, click “Get a Quote” in the upper navigation bar to request a quote. Enter the property or location you want to find a hotel near, stay dates and number of guests before clicking the “Next: Confirm” button.

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Confirm the details of your stay before clicking “Submit this quote request” to request a quote.


When I’ve used HotelSlash, I usually get an email within a few minutes. On a recent request, I got an email quote within a minute titled “Discounted rates for your October 6 hotel stay near Hyatt Regency Bali.”


I clicked on the big orange button in the email to see rates, which took me to a page hosted on the HotelSlash website with my search results. The first result is for the hotel I entered in the search.


Subsequent results are for other nearby hotels. You can sort results by distance, top selling, guest rating, price and hotel star class, and filter results by guest rating, star rating, budget, hotel name, distance and amenities.

Click on any specific property to see the rates available if you book through HotelSlash. You can sort by price and filter by payment and cancellation policies, meal plan options, bedding options and accessibility preferences.


If you find a room type and rate you want to book through HotelSlash, click on the result. This will take you to a page where you can review the cancellation policy and other booking details. Enter your credit card information and other required details before confirming your booking by clicking the “Complete booking” button.


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How to use HotelSlash to track a stay for price drops

Tracking for lower rates on an existing hotel booking with HotelSlash is extremely easy. HotelSlash members can simply forward hotel confirmation emails to save@hotelslash.com and wait for HotelSlash to find a lower rate.

If you get an email denoting a lower rate has been found, you can click through to check the details of the lower rate and decide whether to rebook and cancel your current reservation.

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InterContinental Phuket Resort in Thailand. KATIE GENTER/THE POINTS GUY

Is HotelSlash legit?

HotelSlash is a legitimate website and way to find and book hotel stays. However, it may not be the best way for many travelers to book hotels.

If you plan to stay with a hotel participating in a major hotel loyalty program, you may want to book directly to get elite earnings and benefits. After all, while HotelSlash’s frequently asked questions page says, “It’s certainly worth asking the hotel if they will add your member number for you,” you’re unlikely to get elite benefits and earnings on stays you don’t book directly.

The rate may not be much more when booking directly, either. For example, if I book through HotelSlash, the seven-night stay at the Hyatt Regency Bali I referenced earlier would cost $1,416 for the least-expensive rate with free cancellation until about a week before my stay. If I booked directly with Hyatt, I could book the same stay using a long-stay rate for $1,512 and get guaranteed access to my elite benefits and earnings.


If you don’t want to book directly with the hotel, you might come out ahead by booking through a credit card travel portal. You usually won’t get elite earnings and benefits on these stays, but many travel portals offer high multipliers when you book hotels through them. I could book the same seven-night stay at the Hyatt Regency Bali for $1,779 through the Chase Travel portal and earn 5 points per dollar with my Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card. Although this wasn’t the case for this stay, you’ll sometimes find booking through the credit card portal is less expensive than booking directly.


Finally, many travelers might want to use points for their stay. HotelSlash only supports paid rates, so you’ll need to use another tool like Awayz if you’re looking for how to use points to stay in a particular destination.

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Bottom line

HotelSlash may be useful if you aren’t loyal to any particular hotel program or need to book a hotel stay in an area unserved by your favorite program. However, even in these situations, it’s worth checking whether one of your credit card travel portals offers competitive rates and compelling earning multipliers for your booking.

Since HotelSlash offers a free trial, it’s worth trying out the site next time you book a hotel. Doing so lets you decide whether the service provides enough value to justify its annual membership fee.

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