Link your Hyatt and American accounts for more rewards

If you have elite status with American Airlines AAdvantage or World of Hyatt, you should ensure your accounts are linked. The linking process is very straightforward and can be completed in minutes. But it’s worth doing if you’re eligible, as then you’ll earn extra points, miles and perks during your travels.

Why to link your Hyatt and American accounts

You’re missing out on easy rewards if you use American and Hyatt, have elite status with at least one of them and haven’t linked your accounts. So, let’s rectify that. But first, here’s what’s in it for you:

These bonus earnings are on top of the World of Hyatt points you’d already earn on stays and the American Airlines AAdvantage miles you’d already earn on flights. Check out the following screenshots for two examples of my reciprocal earnings on flights and hotels as an AAdvantage Executive Platinum member with Hyatt Globalist status.

Elite members with linked accounts may also get opportunities to fast-track to elite status in the other program. In particular, Explorist and Globalist elite members may get opportunities to fast-track to higher AAdvantage elite status. And AAdvantage elite members may get opportunities to fast-track to higher World of Hyatt elite status. Meanwhile, ConciergeKey members can receive top-tier Hyatt Globalist status without meeting any stay requirements.

So, if you have elite status with one program and want to earn elite status with the other, it’s undoubtedly worth linking your accounts.

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How to link your Hyatt and American accounts

Linking your World of Hyatt and American Airlines AAdvantage accounts is quick, and there’s no downside to doing so. So, here’s where to go to get started:

From there, provide your membership number with the other program. If you have elite status in both programs, you only need to link once from either program.

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Bottom line

If you frequently fly with American and stay with Hyatt, then linking your accounts will earn you extra rewards and potentially even let you boost your status.

This partnership may not help much if you only use one of these programs, though. When American Airlines and Hyatt announced this partnership in 2019, I held Executive Platinum elite status with American but rarely stayed with Hyatt so the partnership didn’t significantly help me. But now, I hold Executive Platinum status and Globalist status. So, although the status fast track offers don’t help me, the reciprocal earnings on qualifying American Airlines flights and Hyatt stays provide some value.

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